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Hi, I'm Allegra (she/her).

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My first love is nonprofits. My second is marketing.

But when nonprofit meets marketing, a few key challenges can emerge....


Marketing gets lumped in with fundraising, limiting its potential to further the mission.

When a marketing expert comes onboard, they often don’t speak “nonprofit” and the nonprofit doesn’t speak “marketing.” (Lucky for you, I’m fluent in both).

Organizations don’t allocate the resources they need for effective marketing.


Stories become commodified, creating risk for exploitative storytelling practices that contradict organizations’ values.

Marketing is added to the already overflowing workload of an employee or volunteer with limited marketing experience.

Marketing becomes chaotic, with no real strategy or goals to back it up.

If you’re facing one or more of these challenges at your organization, let’s talk. There are ways to make your marketing and communications more strategic and more sustainable.

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Why "Catharsis"?

In the nonprofit world, we sometimes pretend that everything is fine when it isn’t. Pressure from funders diverts organizations’ time and focus away from their missions. The nonprofit starvation cycle is alive and thriving. You can’t divorce these dynamics from your marketing efforts. So let’s be upfront about it. I believe that if we are more open about the challenges we’re facing, we're more capable of solving them.

And, it feels good—cathartic even—to be honest about what’s going on. It clears space for strategic goals, workable solutions, and beautiful branding. 


Catharsis is your starting point for sustainable, values-aligned marketing that feels like your organization. 

Get to know me better.

I'm a storyteller, connector, facilitator, and fundraiser—an experienced nonprofit professional with a passion for strengthening nonprofits' brand identities. Here's the sparknotes version of my bio: 

  • 8 years of nonprofit experience in fundraising, evaluation, strategic planning, and, of course, communications.

  • Passion for strengthening brands with strategic, consistent marketing.

  • Academic background in human services, international affairs, and social entrepreneurship.

  • Has worked for nonprofits on four continents, with focus areas ranging from community health to grantmaking to museums.

  • Certified in inbound marketing, social media, and digital advertising.

I wrote a blog post where you can get to know me better and read Catharsis' origin story. You can also find my full bio and past work experience on LinkedIn. I'd love to connect with you!

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About Allegra
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