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Align your nonprofit's marketing to your strategic goals.

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The Marketing Audit

More exciting than a financial audit, the marketing audit takes a holistic look at your marketing efforts—online and offline—and offers strategic direction for you to focus your attention. During the auditing process, we will focus on learning what your nonprofit is already doing well, what can be improved, and identify any gaps. 

Main Deliverable:

Marketing Audit detailing your nonprofit’s marketing strengths, areas of growth and key recommendations.

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks

Price Range: $1,184 - $3,300

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Marketing Roadmap

The Marketing Roadmap is a comprehensive plan that will guide your marketing efforts for a set timeframe. During the roadmapping process, we’ll identify your audiences and segments, your marketing goals, your marketing channels, ongoing marketing activities, and high-impact marketing projects. 

Roadmaps can be specific to a campaign, program, or your whole organization.

Main Deliverable:

One-to-two year Marketing Plan that covers audiences, goals, strategies, action steps, and evaluation).

Timeframe: 6-10 weeks

Price Range: $3,024-$7,362 

Marketing Audit & Roadmap
Messaging & Coaching

Messaging Strategy

Let’s figure out how to tell your nonprofit’s story in a way that will resonate with your audience. We’ll discover how key stakeholders already think about your organization and leverage these insights to create impactful messaging. 

Main Deliverables:

Messaging Plan including mission, vision, values, an elevator pitch, key messages for each audience group, and calls to action. 

Timeframe: 4-8 weeks

Price Range: $1,948-$3,928

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Marketing Coaching

Thought partnership. Guidance. Support.

Marketing shouldn’t feel lonely. Bring on Catharsis as your marketing coach—guide, thought-partner, and cheerleader. 

We can meet as frequently as you like to strategize, troubleshoot, test, learn, and grow, equipping you with the tools to run a highly effective marketing department.

Coaching Packages: 

  • 4 hours/month (four meetings): $440/month

  • 3 hours/month (two meetings): $330/month

  • 1.5 hours/month (one meeting): $165/month

Catharsis: Your Marketing Team

Your Marketing Team 

Full service,  on-call marketing support to reach your marketing goals. Bring on an expert team to implement your day-to-day marketing—or manage those long-term projects that are waiting on the back burner.  

Main Deliverable: We’ll outline deliverables as we start working together. 

Timeframe: Ongoing, monthly partnership

Price Range:

Part Time: $1,260-2,412/month
Full Time: $2,412-3,880/month

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You Make the Marketing Plan

A lower-cost option that still results in an effective marketing plan. We provide the structure and you do the legwork to put together a marketing plan.

During this six-week process, we’ll meet once per week. 
Your time commitment: 6 hours/week. My time commitment: 3 hours/week. 

This option is great for: 

  • Teams with tight budgets

  • Teams with the capacity to take on a new project internally

  • Teams excited about taking the lead on marketing

Price Range: 


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Sound exciting? 

 Let’s find a time to chat. It’ll at least be cathartic, and at best it will be the beginning of a beautiful paradigm shift for marketing at your nonprofit.

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