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What if your nonprofit's marketing was clearly linked to your strategic goals?

Core Services


Your marketing efforts are currently disorganized—you can’t describe why you’re using the strategies you are using, and you don’t know if your efforts are effective. I can help you and your team gather all your ideas in one place and prioritize them. Roadmaps can be specific to a campaign, program, or your whole organization.

Main Deliverable:

Marketing Plan (Goals, Strategies, and Action Steps)

Timeframe: 6-10 weeks

Price Range: $3,024 - $7,362

Content Creation

You have a marketing or communications plan in place, but need someone to put it into action. With extensive experience and an aptitude for learning, I can dive into your marketing projects with minimal onboarding.

Main Deliverable:

Marketing Content (Emails, Social Media, Blog Posts, Printed Materials)

Timeframe: Usually an ongoing, monthly partnership

Price Range: This one really depends on the scope of the project—let’s chat!

Past work: Check out this example. 

Brand Synthesis

Your nonprofit doesn’t have a strong visual identity or cohesive messaging. Maybe you have many impactful programs that work in silos. I can help you tell the story of how your programs work together, in writing and visually. ​

Main Deliverables:

Messaging Plan, Branded Templates, Recommendations on Brand Cohesion

Timeframe: 2-4 months

Price Range: $2,200 - $4,500

Past Work: Check out this example.

Not sure which service meets your nonprofit's needs?

The Digital Marketing Audit is a great, low-cost place for us to start working together. Or, learn more about these services and take a free self-assessment on Catharsis' blog.

Mentoring +
Talent Development

You have a talented communications staff member and you can tell they’re in need of support. 


We can all agree that coaching at the executive level can be integral to nonprofits’ success. But what about your communications staff whose passion drives them to work long hours and consistently go above and beyond? Junior staff and middle management in the nonprofit sector often do not have access to mentorship or professional development opportunities. This can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration. Retain staff and develop talent with personalized mentorship and professional growth plans.

Main Deliverables: Personal and Professional Growth Plan, 1-2 hours of mentorship meetings/month (virtual or in-person), regular support via email.

Pricing: $165-$440/month 

Photoshoot May 21-06.jpg
Marketing Audit

The Digital

Marketing Audit 

More exciting than a financial audit, you’re looking for an idea of how your marketing efforts are doing and where you should be focusing your limited time and energy. 


The digital marketing audit is a great starting place for our work together. I go through your website, social media, and email communications and put together a checklist of recommendations that you can start implementing today. Then, I buy you your favorite beverage and we sit down and go through them together (virtually or in person).


Main Deliverable: Checklist of recommendations for refreshing your digital marketing. 

Pricing: $325

Marketing Audit Graphic_Catharsis-02.png

Sound exciting? 

 Let’s find a time to chat. It’ll at least be cathartic, and at best be the beginning of a beautiful paradigm shift for marketing at your nonprofit.

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